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Lodge meets on the 3rd Wednesday of September, October, November, January(Installation), February, March and April.

History of City Lodge No 2514

Warrant dated: 15 May, 1894; Consecrated: 26 July 1984

In 1894 Liverpool was a thriving City, but of course this was before the motorcar. There was an extensive railway network, but the trams had only reached Monument Place, off London Road. The Overhead railway was completed that year and further afield Blackpool Tower had been completed. In the Budget of that year, Mr Asberry, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, had had to raise Income Tax to eight and halfpence in the pound! And had introduced a new tax called ‘Death Duty”.
The “Times” on the day of consecration, reported further unrest in Ireland, with scenes of great violence taking place in and many farms burned down.

Mr Gaze, a travel agent, was offering a ten-day holiday to Paris, Basle, Lucerne and Berne, inclusive of Railway, Hotel, Omnibus and all fees, for ten guineas.

On July 26, against this background, sixteen Freemasons gathered at the Alexandra Hotel in Dale Street, at 3.30pm for the Consecration of City Lodge 2514 along with 40 guests, comprising Grand Officers, Provincial Officers, Masters of other Lodges and brethren. One must remember that in those days the province was known as The Province of Lancashire – Western Division and while Earl Lathom was the Provincial Grand Master and had a deputy W. Bro. R. Wylie PGD there were no Assistant Provincial Grand Masters.

Dr John Utting, then a PPrSGD, a Surgeon, an Alderman, Magistrate and former Lord Mayor, whom Uttin g Avenue is named after, was installed in the chair as WM.

City Lodge Members 1994

The majority of the founders were Provision merchants with business premises in the city centre or Park Road area, but whose homes were as far afield as Southport and the Wirral. It was therefore no mean feat in those days for brethren to travel to and from lodge meetings and displayed a dedication to the Craft. On the same night a further eight brethren were proposed for membership as joining brethren, four of their number being members of Anfield Lodge No 2215. Following the ceremony a Banquet took place at 6pm at a cost of 12shillings and 6pence (12/6)

The membership today is some 28 with about half taking an active role.

The members come from a diverse background of serving and retired Lecturers, Police Officers, Accountants, Pharmacists, Opticians, Aircraft engineers, Dental Technicians and Retailers with ages ranging from32 to late 70s.

City Banner

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Late in 1992, after new lockers had been provided at Woolton Hall a Banner was discovered which was in an exceedingly poor state of repair and no brother had any recollection of having seen it in the lodge. In a bundle of letters was one from W. Bro. Alex Inglis Barr, a Provision Merchant who had been a joining member in 1896 who in April 1906, from the Isle of Man, wrote to the WM “ Dear Sir and Bro. For some time past it has been in my mind to present to City Lodge some token of my appreciation of the friendships I have made as a result of my connection with it…I ask you to accept from me on behalf of the lodge a City Lodge Banner, in the hope that in years to come though I gave it and you who receive it may have gone from this Earthly scene it may remain as a tradition of those of us who in the infancy of the City Lodge were connected with it. I desire and hope that it will be the banner of not so much the strongest or most important lodge of its Province, as: that the Brethren who serve under it will be ever the most obedient in the Divine Precept of Faith Hope and Charity”

A new banner was handcrafted by Colin Roberts for the centenary of the lodge.

Original history researched by W. Bro. Eric Waud, B.E.M, PPrAGDC