Boyes bhajis

“I’ve known David Boyes for many years in his capacity of being a Freemason and group mentor in the Woolton Group of Lodges and he relinquished the chair in Lodge of Tranquillity No 3877 in October 2017. In all that time he never told me that one of his passions is cooking,” said Colin Roberts Woolton Group Publicity Officer.

David Boyes (left) and Sam Gorman.

David Boyes (left) and Sam Gorman.

So, it was a surprise to learn of his recent exploits of being on a television cooking competition ‘The Big Family Cooking Showdown’ shown on BBC2 which is a major new competitive food show that celebrates favourite family recipes. In series 1 episode 8 the Boyes family, namely David Boyes his partner Sam Gorman and David’s daughter Ellie went head to head against the Rignall family from Buckinghamshire.

The programme opened with David introducing himself as the boss, Sam who thinks he’s the boss and Ellie who just does what she’s told. The private lives of Masons are often remarkable and unknown to many of us but none the less enjoyable and fascinating. David said that they are a family of ‘show offs in the kitchen’ with three stoves, 11 ranges, loads of kitchen gadgets and a remarkably well filled and organized store cupboard. The kitchen is above Sam’s hairdressing salon. The family regularly love to eat at fine restaurants and will travel far and wide to improve their skills often adding their own twist to favourite recipes.

Colin met up with David and Sam, unfortunately Ellie could not be present, to ask them about their cooking exploits and their background to this passion. By day David is a funeral director, something that he always wanted to do and Sam owns and runs his own hairdressing salon, SGD Hairdressing, in Smithdown Place, Liverpool, where Ellie, when not attending college, helps out.

On viewing the programme David was seen offering one of his kitchen delights, a cheesecake, to Sam’s clientele. Although Sam tells me that this does not happen very often! The programme centres around two families cooking their favourite foods and they are judged by two extremely experienced chefs firstly a top Michelin star chef Giorgio Locatelli and Rosemary Shrager, a renown cookery teacher, both of whom will set the teams challenges along the way. Besides being allowed to cook at home on some occasions the two families will travel to The Main Barn at The Quadrangle Trust, Shoreham, Kent.

The Boyes family were somewhat daring in this episode deciding to cook one of their favourite meals, an Indian curry, as the Rignall family had mum Jasi, who was brought up in Africa, as their secret weapon. The Rignall family regularly meet for a family meal and curry is always top of the menu.

As the programme was screened it could be seen how confident and competent the Boyes family were and they received some extraordinary positive comments from the judges especially for the rack of lamb cooked to perfection and their passion fruit ice cream. After a nail-biting wait for the results the Boyes family were declared the winners and would go on to the semi-finals. We wish them well in all their endeavours and I heartily recommend you to watch how they progress on the series.