Group Mentor


Welcome one and all to our new ‘Mentoring News’ section. I am, as the Woolton Group Mentor extremely pleased to have had my request for this page granted and would like to thank all those who have readily made it available for this the most important working tool for membership retention, that being the Mentoring Programme. It is my intention to relay through this ‘Mentoring News’ page many interesting related topics, guidelines and suggestions over the coming months and sincerely hope that you in turn will both benefit, enjoy and indeed use its content.

The Provincial Grand Mentor, Stewart Cranage is keen to advance the ‘Ambassadors for Freemasonry’ initiative, to which purpose I have included in this first article a short talk that can be delivered by each lodge mentor at a regular lodge meeting.

If you feel that you would like to discuss any aspects of mentoring, please feel free to contact me: at: and I will endeavour to resolve them on your behalf.

Ian McGovern
Group Mentor