New brother at Derby Lodge

The worshipful master of Derby Lodge No 724 Keith Lindsay opened the lodge with some 30 members and visitors present at Woolton Golf Club. After the initial business of the lodge had been transacted the secretary and treasurer retired from the lodge and on their return confirmed that the candidate had paid his dues and signed the necessary declaration. Keith then requested David Spear to assist by taking the WM’s chair for the ensuing ceremony.

Keith Lindsay (left) welcoming and congratulating the initiate Alan McGregor.

Keith Lindsay (left) welcoming and congratulating the initiate Alan McGregor.

Alan McGregor the candidate for initiation, a self-employed painter and decorator, is no stranger to Freemasonry as several members of his family are already Masons and he was fully supported in his application by his wife. He became known to the lodge following an independent enquiry via another brother who had resigned from the lodge some years ago. Having expressed an interest in becoming a Freemason, he was proposed into the lodge by Albert Hogg and seconded by Bob Cremor.

The junior deacon Graham Fairley accompanied Alan throughout his journey through the initiation ceremony and was assisted by the senior deacon Stephen White. Malcolm Jolley delivered the charge after initiation to Alan.

After an excellent ceremony the brethren retired to the dining room where, in response to the toast to his health, Alan thanked the brethren of the lodge for the warm welcome and thanked the WM and David Spear for a delightful ceremony. He also thanked the junior deacon for assisting him throughout the ceremony. It was a delightful evening which as enjoyed by all present.

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