Ian raised to a master Mason

At the regular meeting of Lodge of Tranquillity No 3877 held at Woolton Golf Club, the lodge was opened by WM David Boyes and on conclusion of the routine business the lodge was raised to the second degree.

Ian Felton (left) and David Boyes.

Ian Felton (left) and David Boyes.

Senior deacon Alan Routledge and junior deacon Roy Brewis attended upon Ian Felton who confidently answered the usual questions leading from the second to the third degree. Ian then retired and in his absence, the lodge was opened in the third degree.

Ian was then readmitted into the lodge and was raised to a master Mason in a sincere and dignified manner by David Boyes. The traditional history was delivered impeccably by the senior member of the lodge Alan Carter. Ian was then congratulated by David Boyes and Alan Carter.

The WM closed the lodge down to the first degree and further lodge business was conducted. All the business now being concluded the lodge was closed all retired to the dining room to enjoy the festive board.



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