Two new members for Anfield Lodge

At the most recent meeting of Anfield Lodge No 2215 which meets at Woolton Golf Club, the members were pleased to accept two new brethren into their midst. It appears that the fortunes of Masonry are on the rise in the Woolton Group.

The master Douglas Holgate opened the lodge in the first degree and the minutes of the previous meeting were taken as a true record and duly signed. The next item was to ballot for a joining brother, Michael Tattersall who had been unattached from membership of a lodge for a while. The ballot proved in favour and Michael was welcomed into the lodge.

Stephen Lyon, James Watson, Phill Lyon

Stephen Lyon, James Watson, Phill Lyon

The new initiate proposed by Stephen Lyon and seconded by Phill Lyon, it transpired that Stephen Lyon having been advised by Michael whom having known the candidate for some time and of his interest in joining Freemasonry made the initial contact and has kept in regular contact for a number of months prior to his initiation.  The candidate Mr James Edward Watson, a serving Police Officer in Merseyside had been balloted for at the last meeting so having signed the necessary papers and paid the required dues he was attended upon by Michael Tattersall.

The candidate was announced by the acting inner guard Eric Carroll, met by the acting junior deacon Stephen Lyon and escorted into the lodge where he answered the usual questions, took his obligation and was entrusted in a very sincere manner by the worshipful master.

The junior warden Alan Ledger provided James with an explanation of the first degree working tools and Stan Dawkins delivered the Charge.

The senior warden Group Chairman Andy Whittle presented James with his gloves providing a symbolic explanation of them.

The lodge was duly closed and the 27 members and visitors retired to the dining room.

Group Mentor David Boyes, WM Douglas Holgate, James Watson, Group Chairman Andy Whittle

Group Mentor David Boyes, WM Douglas Holgate, James Watson, Group Chairman Andy Whittle


Story and photographs by Colin Roberts

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