Celebration at Woolton Lodge of Unity

The members and guests of Woolton Lodge of Unity No 1086 meeting at Woolton Golf Club assembled recently for the installation meeting. After a couple of difficult years, the lodge was pleased to be installing their senior warden, Robert John Martin as master elect and in the absence of the worshipful master Alan Riley welcomed the brethren and proceeded to open the lodge with Tommy Lunt acting junior deacon.

Howard Griffiths (left) congratulates Alan Riley.

Howard Griffiths (left) congratulates Alan Riley.

Having dispatched the regular business, the director of ceremonies David Moore retired for a short while and on his return announced that the representative of the Provincial Grand Master, Tony was outside and seeking admission. Alan was pleased to welcome him. Howard Griffiths accompanied by grand officers David Withey, Roy Pine, Mike Cunliffe group vice chairman and three Provincial acting officers, Paul Copeland, Matt Wilson and Tom Arnold entered the lodge and Howard was warmly welcomed by Alan Riley.

In due course, Howard and his colleagues from grand lodge were saluted; David Newland took the salute for the Provincial officers. Alan Riley requested David Moore to occupy the chair of King Solomon and the lodge was adjourned to the second degree where David Newland was asked to assist by occupying the senior warden’s chair, Keith Close to occupy the junior warden’s chair and Peter Casey to remain as inner guard. Alan Riley was very pleased to present the master elect as they had both been former members of Allerton Lodge prior to amalgamation.

Robert Martin assented to the ancient charges and took his obligation after which the lodge was adjourned to the third degree and the officers of the lodge were thanked, by Alan Riley for the support they had given during the two previous years.

Norman Pollack assisted with the remainder of the ceremony and Robert John Martin was duly installed in the chair of King Solomon. The working tools in the third degree were presented by Chris Taplin; in the second degree by Norman Pollock and Michael Daly presented the first degree working tools. The newly installed master appointed and invested his officers. George Wilkie provided a very confident address to the master. Colin Cameron gave the address to the wardens; Barry Harnick the address to the deacons and Howard Griffiths gave the address to the brethren.

The ceremony of installation being concluded Howard Griffiths rose to convey the best wishes and congratulations to the master from the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison and said that if Tony had been present he would have undoubtedly also congratulated all the brethren who had taken part in the ceremony especially the young brethren.

At this point the master was pleased to present three cheques to Howard, £350 to the MCF 2021 Festival, £350 to the West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity and £386 to the Friends of Tithebarn. Howard very sincerely thanked the lodge for its generous donations. After Howard and the grand officers had retired the lodge was duly closed and the 40 brethren retired to the dining to share good company and an enjoyable meal.

Story and pictures by Colin Roberts.

Pictured from left to right, are: Mike Cunliffe, Howard Griffiths, Roy Pine, David Withey, Tom Arnold, Matt Wilson and Paul Copeland.

Pictured from left to right, are: Mike Cunliffe, Howard Griffiths, Roy Pine, David Withey, Tom Arnold, Matt Wilson and Paul Copeland.

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