A sincere and heartfelt ceremony

Members and guests of Prince’s Park Lodge No 4769 were holding their installation meeting at Woolton Golf club were honoured by the presence of Assistant Provincial Grand Master Kevin Poynton.

Kevin Poynton (left) is welcomed by WM Peter Williams.

The acting DC Vic Albin called the brethren to order so that the WM and his wardens, who were led in by the tyler Tommy Lunt, could enter the lodge and take their places. The WM Peter William Williams greeted the brethren and opened the lodge to the first degree. The minutes having been circulated of the previous regular meeting were confirmed and signed and the lodge was opened to the second degree. The acting DC retired from the lodge and in his absence the WM opened the lodge to the third degree. The acting DC was readmitted and informed the brethren that Assistant Provincial Grand Master Kevin Poynton stood without and demanded admission.

Kevin Poynton entered the lodge accompanied by Woolton Group Chairman Andy Whittle and Provincial Assistant Grand Pursuivant Fred Dickinson. Peter warmly welcomed Kevin and hoped he would have an enjoyable evening and offered him the gavel of the lodge. Kevin thanked the WM and said that he was going to enjoy his time with the lodge and thus return the gavel.

Vic Albin requested brethren to be upstanding to salute Kevin; then Andy Whittle and the ADC then requested the brethren to stand so that Vic Albin could take the salutations for the Provincial officers. The lodge was adjourned to the second degree and the WM asked Geoff Cowan to assist him by occupying the SW’s chair; Andy Whittle the JW’s chair and Peter Ashton to occupy the position of IG.

Derek Sidney Grimley, having been elected as master elect, was presented by a very good friend Doug Gregson. Derek had been WM of Skelmersdale Lodge No 1380 on a previous occasion so the ceremony of installing him was a little shorter than usual. However, this did in no small way detract from the excellent ceremony provided by the installing master and his colleagues. Derek reaffirmed his obligation and was then seated. The lodge was again adjourned to the third degree and the WM Peter Williams thanked the brethren for all their support whilst he had been master. All below the rank of an installed master were requested to retire from the lodge for a short time so that Derek could be duly installed in the chair of King Solomon according to ancient custom.

Master masons were readmitted, saluted the newly installed master. An explanation of the working tools of the third degree was provided by Vic Albin. The lodge being closed to the second degree allowed fellow crafts to be readmitted who saluted the WM and John Riding provided the explanation of the second degree tools. The lodge was closed to the first degree so that entered apprentices could be readmitted, they salute the newly installed master and Geoff Cowan explained the working tools of the degree.

Newly installed WM Derek Grimley (left) being congratulated by installing master Peter Williams.

The new WM was then asked to appoint and invest his officers. Andy Whittle provided the address to the wardens; Geoff Cowan the address to the deacons; Vic Albin the address to the master and in usual form the principal guest Kevin Poynton gave the address to the brethren of the lodge. Following the addresses, the installing master informed the new WM that the ceremony was concluded and this was Kevin’s cue to rise and convey the greetings of the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison. Kevin also thanked the installing master saying that he had rarely come across such a ceremony that had been delivered with heartfelt sincerity and all who had taken part should feel justly proud.

Derek thanked Kevin and was pleased to present him with two cheques the first for £300 for the Freemasons Grand Charity and the second for £200 for the West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity to which Kevin truly thanked the brethren of Prince’s Park Lodge, saying that for such a small lodge to donate this amount was a wonderful gesture and on behalf of those who would benefit from it he thanked the lodge.

After the first rising the DC formed the procession to retire. After the second rising guests and Provincial officers retired and then the lodge conducted some private business after which the lodge was duly closed and the brethren retired for refreshment.

In his response to the toast to his health, Kevin once again congratulated the lodge on an excellent ceremony and for the magnificent sum of money for the charities. Just before he closed, he thanked Colin Roberts Woolton Group Publicity Officer for attending, not only this ceremony but many others so far in the season. As they say, all good things must come to an end and so it was that the tyler Tommy Lunt proposed the final toast of the evening.

Article and photographs by Colin Roberts.

Pictured from left to right, are: Andy Whittle, Kevin Poynton, Derek Grimley, Peter Williams, Mike Cunliffe (group vice chairman) and Fred Dickinson.

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