Eric steps in

The members of Walton Chapter No 1086 held their annual installation ceremony at Woolton Golf Club and the companions and guests were honoured by the presents of Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals Sam Robinson.

Pictured from left to right, are: Barry Harnick, George Strickland and Colin Graham.

At the 11th hour, a number of companions were unable to attend the installation one of which was the chapter director of ceremonies Stephen Lynch, so chapter scribe Ezra Eric Palfreyman stepped in to fill the breach.

The three principals entered the chapter and opened proceedings in step with normal custom. After the usual convocation business being completed, director of ceremonies for the evening Eric Palfreyman retired from the chapter. When Eric re-entered the chapter, he announced that Sam Robinson stood without and seeks admission, the three principals said they would be pleased to receive him.

Sam Robinson entered the chapter accompanied by Woolton Group Chairman Andrew Whittle and acting Provincial officer PrDGSwdB Stephen Riley. The three principles arose and extended a very warm welcome to Sam.

Sam Robison (right) and George Strickland.

The ceremony of installation commenced under the direction of the director of ceremonies Eric Palfreyman. David Moore was honoured to take the third principal’s chair and Harold Thacker that of the second principal, Paul McLachlan remained in the first principal’s chair.

Everyone witnessed an excellent ceremony with Paul McLachlan installing Barry Harnick as his successor, George Strickland was elevated to second principal and Colin Graham was installed as the third principal. As none of the principals’ elect had held their impending offices before they were installed in full form, after which they invested their officers for the coming year.

The scripture readings for the principals were given by; George Strickland third principal, second principal Andrew Whittle and first principal Martin Williams. The robe addresses were performed to a high standard by Paul McLachlan scarlet, Barry Harnick purple and George Strickland blue. Eric Palfreyman gave the address to the three principals, Harold Thacker addressed the officers and Sam Robinson addressed the companions of the chapter.

On the conclusion of the ceremony, Sam expressed the best wishes of the Grand Superintendent to the three principals, he also congratulated all the companions that took part in the installation. Sam was then presented with a cheque for £150 on behalf of the chapter to the MCF 2021 Festival. Before the chapter was closed Sam Robinson presented companions Norman Pollock and Michael Edwards with their Supreme Grand Chapter Certificates.

Sam Robinson taking wine with the three Principals.

The business of the chapter completed the chapter was then closed and all retired to the festive board. There followed a pleasant evening with good company and lively banter.

In response to the toast to the grand officers, Sam, having brought the formal congratulations to the three principals from the Grand Superintendent in the chapter, at the festive board he could add his own congratulations and thanked the chapter for their donation to the MCF 2021 Festival. His message to the companions was to make the effort to attract brethren in their lodges to take the next step in Freemasonry by becoming Royal Arch Masons.

Sam concluded by thanking Woolton Group Chairman Andrew Whittle and acting Provincial Officer Stephen Riley for their support. The evening came to an end with the janitor’s toast and everyone heading home after enjoying the evening.

Article and Story by Doug Lace.

Left to Right, Andrew Whittle, George Strickland, Barry Harnick, Colin Graham, Sam Robinson and Stephen Riley.

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