Craig joins Derby Lodge

Craig Lawton has become the newest member of the Derby Lodge No 724 in a flawless and sincere initiation ceremony performed by the WM Malcolm Jolley.

Pictured left from left to right, are: Albert Hogg, Craig Lawton, Barry Mault. Pictured right: Craig Lawton (left) and Malcolm Jolley.

Before the lodge was opened, Malcolm Jolley welcomed the visitors and guests to the lodge, three of the visitors Geoff Bean, Gerry Bailey and Stephen Tams had made the journey from Newcastle-under-Lyme Staffordshire, the WM thanked them for attending the lodge and hoped they would enjoy the initiation ceremony and later the festive board.

The lodge was opened by Malcolm Jolley who conducted the normal business of the lodge after which, the secretary and treasurer left the lodge to attend on the candidate. On their return they confirmed that Craig had signed the book of declaration and paid the necessary fees, the ceremony of initiation commenced.

Having been prepared for the ceremony by the tyler Tom Lunt, the inner guard John Lee initially challenged Craig on entering before being received into the lodge and guided through the initiation ceremony by junior deacon Barry Mault assisted by Albert Hogg senior deacon.

The working tools were delivered in fine stile by junior warden Graham Fairley. Craig then left the lodge to be made ready for the next part of the ceremony. Craig was welcomed back into the lodge were senior deacon Albert Hogg delivered the ancient charge with sincerity, this concluded the ceremony of initiation.

Before the lodge was closed Malcolm Jolley thanked the brethren who took part in the ceremony. The lodge was then closed all then retired to the festive board to enjoy a delightful meal and good company.

Craig Lawton with lodge members and visitors.


Article and photographs by Doug Lace.



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