David joins Derby Lodge

David Eustace has become the newest member of Derby Lodge No 724, in a flawless and sincere initiation ceremony performed by WM Malcolm Jolley.

Malcolm Jolley (left) and David Eustace.

Before the lodge was opened, Malcolm welcomed visitors and guests to the lodge and thanked them for attending, adding that he hoped they would enjoy the initiation ceremony and the subsequent festive board.

Once the lodge had been opened by the WM and normal business completed, the secretary and treasurer left the lodge room to attend on the candidate. Confirming on their return, that David had signed the book of declaration and had paid the necessary fees, the ceremony of initiation commenced.

Having been prepared for the ceremony by the tyler Tom Lunt, the inner guard John Lee, challenged David on entering the lodge. Having met the necessary prerequisites, the candidate was admitted into the lodge and guided through the initiation ceremony by the junior deacon Barry Mault, ably assisted by the senior deacon Albert Hogg. The candidate was guided around the lodge room and having reached the north east corner, the IPM David Spear, gave a polished explanation for why he had been placed there. Once it was evidenced that David was without valuables, the reason why he underwent that trial was explained.

The working tools were delivered sincerely by David’s proposer and future father-in-law Christopher Hartley. David then left the lodge to restore himself to his personal comfort. Once David had been welcomed back into the lodge and Albert Hogg had delivered the charge after initiation, the ceremony of initiation was complete.

Malcolm thanked all who had taken part in the ceremony, closed the lodge and retired with the rest of the brethren to the festive board, to enjoy a delightful meal and good company.

Article and photographs by Doug Lace.

Pictured with David Eustace (centre) are his proposers Christopher Hartley (left) and Robert Cremor.

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