New master at Tranquillity

It has been a busy time at Lodge of Tranquillity No 3877, the lodge having celebrated its centenary, as well as the WM Alan Carer achieving 50 years in Freemasonry and receiving a promotion to Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden.

Alan Carter (left) welcomes Ian McGovern.

The principal guest for the meeting was Harry Cox, who was accompanied by grand officers Arthur Cregeen, Alan Sale and David Hawkes, together with group vice chairman Mike Cunliffe and acting Provincial grand officers Harry White and Jim Finnegan.

Lodge DC David Boyes asked brethren to stand for the WM and his wardens, who duly took their seats. The WM Alan Carter welcomed everyone and asked that the opening ode be sung, after which he proceeded to open the lodge.

The secretary read the dispensation, which allowed the meeting to take place, as the centenary had been held on the date of the lodge’s consecration and thus the installation meeting had to be moved. The minutes of the last regular meeting were confirmed and signed, upon which Alan opened the lodge to the second degree. The DC and Provincial deacons then retired so that the lodge could be opened to the third degree.

The DC was readmitted to announce that the representative of the Provincial Grand Master stood outside and seeked admission. Harry Cox, grand and acting Provincial grand officers, together with the Woolton Group Vice Chairman Mike Cunliffe, entered the lodge in due form.

Alan welcomed Harry, who said that he was delighted to be back as he wasn’t often invited a second time! David Boyes then presented salutations to Harry, then to David Hawkes and the other grand officers. Vic Albin took the salutations for the Provincial grand officers and group vice chairman Mike Cunliffe.

At this point the WM invited Fred Hulse to occupy the senior warden’s chair, Arthur Cregeen the junior warden’s chair and Alan Sale the position of inner guard.

Pictured from left to right, are: Harry Cox, Ian McGovern and Alan Carter.

The lodge was then adjourned to the second degree, so that the master elect Ian McGovern, who is the group mentor and had previously been in the chair in 2010, could be presented by his proposer into Freemasonry Dave Woods, accompanied by John Copple.

After Ian had reaffirmed his obligation, the lodge was adjourned to the third degree. Alan thanked all the officers of the lodge and paid special tribute to the lodge secretary John Copple for all the work he had done in arranging the centenary meeting and this meeting. Alan asked John to record these sentiments in the minutes, to which John replied that he would with a blush!

All Masons below the rank of an installed master were requested to retire and Alan duly installed his successor with a degree of confidence and sincerity.

The lodge now readmitted master Masons, who greeted the newly installed WM in due form. Carl Davies, a light blue, then delivered an explanation of the working tools. The lodge was closed to the second degree and fellow craft Freemasons were readmitted. Following their salute, the WM received an explanation of the working tools from another light blue Ian Felton. Ian now closed the lodge to the first degree, entered apprentice Freemasons were readmitted and saluted the WM. An explanation of the working tools was given by David Boyes.

Alan Carter proudly displays the new centenary warrant.

Installing master Alan Carter, presented the warrant and centenary warrant of the lodge to Ian, after which he was asked to appoint and invest his officers.

Alan Carter delivered the address to the master, Les Cutting the address to the wardens and Harry Cox the address to the brethren of the lodge.

The installation ceremony being concluded, Harry Cox conveyed the congratulations and best wishes of the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison, saying that had he been in attendance he would have also congratulated the installing master Alan Carter for a fine ceremony. In conclusion Harry conveyed best wishes to all the brethren on Tony’s behalf, wishing them a happy and healthy year.

Ian McGovern had the pleasant duty of presenting Harry with a cheque for £250 for the WLFC, to which Harry thanked the brethren, saying that it was a magnificent sum, especially considering that only very recently the lodge had given £3877 and that the cheque was thankfully received and would be faithfully applied.

Following grand lodge communications, the DC formed the retiring procession so that the principal guest, accompanied by other grand and acting Provincial grand officers could retire.

After further communications, the lodge was closed in due form and the 32 brethren retired to the dining room, so that the celebrations could continue.

Story and pictures by Colin Roberts.

Pictured from left to right, are: Alan Sale, Mike Cunliffe, Harry White, Harry Cox, Ian McGovern, Alan Carter, Arthur Cregeen and Jim Finnegan.

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