Anfield gets a new member

Initiating a new member is always a joyful occasion and there was an air of anticipation amongst the brethren and guests of Anfield Lodge No 2215 who had gathered to witness the initiation of Danek Jarosz, who was initiated in a flawless and sincere ceremony performed by WM Alan Ledger.

Danek Jarosz.

The lodge was opened in the first degree by WM Alan Ledger who conducted the normal business of the lodge after which, the secretary and treasurer left the lodge to attend on the candidate. On their return they confirmed that the candidate had signed the book of declaration and paid the necessary fees, the ceremony of initiation commenced.

Having been prepared for the ceremony by Gary Devlin and Chris Lyon, inner guard Doug Holgate, initially challenged Danek on entering, before being received into the lodge and guided through the initiation ceremony by junior deacon Stephen Lyon assisted by Phil Lyon the senior deacon.

The working tools of an entered apprentice Freemason were explained by Danek’s proposer Gordon Smith, Stan Dawkins delivered the ancient charge with sincerity, this concluded the ceremony of initiation.

Alan Ledger (left) and Danek Jarosz.

Danek retired from the lodge to restore himself to his personal comfort, on his return group chairman and immediate past master of the lodge, Andrew Whittle, presented Danek with his gloves providing an explanation of their masonic meaning.

Harry White, a member of the Woolton Group Mentoring Team, gave Danek a welcome pack and a copy of the initiation ceremony, Harry then wished him well and hopes he will enjoy his masonic journey.

Prior to the lodge closing the group chairman informed the brethren that he was pleased to announce that two of the lodge members present would be receiving honours at the next meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge, David Ireland a first appointment to acting Provincial Junior Grand Deacon and Stephen Lyon promoted to the high rank of Past Provincial Grand Superintendent of Works, this was received with rapturous applause by those present.

The Lodge was duly closed and the brethren retired to enjoy the rest of the evening at the festive board.

Article and photographs by Doug Lace.

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