Promotions at Provincial Grand Lodge


Pictured at the Banquet are W.Bro. John Riding, W.Bro. Vic Albin (Vice Chairman) W.Bro. Phillip Lyon, Bro. Doug Holgate, W.Bro. Andy Whittle (Chairman), W.Bro. Phil Gambrill and W.Bro. Steve Lyon.

The Woolton Group traveled to Preston to support their colleagues from the group who had received honours by way of promotion at Provincial Grand Lodge. The Group officials Andy Whittle and Vic Albin were there to offer support and congratulations to the celebrants. In all, 6 brethren received new ranks as follows.

Past Provincial Grand Superintendent of Works: W.Bro. J.S. Hayden Toxteth Lodge No.1356, W.Bro. N.B. Morrissey Derby Lodge No.7124, W.Bro. J.G. Riding Princes Park Lodge No.4769

Past Provincial Senior Grand Deacon: W.Bro. P.G. Gaskin Old Lerpoolian Lodge No.9270

Past Provincial Junior Grand Deacon: W.Bro. G.F. Latham Toxteth Lodge No.1356, W.Bro. G. Wilcox Argosy Lodge No.3740

Also present and working at the provincial meeting were W.Bro. Doug Lace and W.Bro. Phil Gambrill the acting provincial officers of the Group along with a number of Brethren who assisted the Liverpool Group with stewarding the meeting.

Following the Provincial meeting, some of the Woolton contingent enjoyed a very enjoyable and lively celebrants’ banquet at Preston Masonic Hall.