Provincial Grand Chapter Promotions

The month of May saw written communications from Provincial Grand Chapter arriving through a number of letter boxes within the membership of the Woolton Group. Those communications were indeed directed to those pleasantly surprised recipients who had been deemed as having given their valued contribution towards their Chapters and Masonic involvements, earning them recognition by way of a Provincial honour in the 2017 selections.

Sam Robinson, Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals for the Woolton Group, along with Group Chairman Andy Whittle and the other group executive officers, extend their congratulations to all those who have received recognition in Royal Arch.

Investiture of officers will take place at the Provincial Grand Chapter meeting in the Southport Theatre and Convention Centre on Thursday 12 October 2017. Companions are urged to attend where possible and support their chapter friends and colleagues.

Listed below are the Woolton Group companions who have earned and expressed their pleasure in receiving and responding positively to their respective Provincial honours.


Les Cutting Red Triangle Chapter No 3874 Past Provincial Grand Scribe Nehemiah

Walter Balmer Walton Chapter No 1086 Past Provincial Grand Sojourner