Why should I join Royal Arch


Craft Masonry is a progressive science concentrating on our moral and social duties in the materialistic world, each degree building upon the preceding degree. The Royal Arch commences from the point where the Master Mason’s degree ends and takes the Craft teachings into another context.

You will have heard the expression “The Royal Arch is the completion of the Third Degree”. This statement is incorrect, both the Third Degree and the Exaltation are complete ceremonies in themselves, what the Royal Arch does is to complete ones journey through Pure, Ancient Freemasonry when what is lost in the Third Degree is revealed in a colourful and fascinating ceremony.

Perhaps you may now begin to appreciate why the Royal Arch is such a natural and essential first step for every Master Mason. This point is emphasised by the fact that the Order is described as the SUPREME Order and Candidates are EXALTED into the Order.

How do I become a Royal Arch Mason?

Any Royal Arch Companion will be pleased to propose you if you ask him. Alternatively he might quite easily invite you. You will then be proposed, seconded and balloted for just as you were when you entered Craft Masonry.

Qualifications for Membership?

The qualification for Exaltation into the Royal Arch is simply that you must have been a Master Mason for at least four weeks. You are not restricted to joining the Chapter that may be associated with your Lodge; you will be made welcome in any Chapter of your choice.

There are currently 165 Chapters in the Province of West Lancashire, any one of which would be happy to consider your application.

Details of all Royal Arch Chapters meeting in your Group may be obtained from the Group Vice Chairman, Vic Albin, or your Lodge Royal Arch contact. If you feel that you would like to discuss any aspects of the Royal Arch, please feel free to contact Vic at: vicechair@wooltongroup.org.uk